Remodeling and Home Design


 Never worked with a designer before?

We are always happy to talk to people interested in hiring a designer about their particular situation. In most cases working with a professional designer will save you time and money, ensuring you are completely happy with the results without making costly mistakes.

We will work around your budget

The designer will work around your schedule and budget to ensure your needs are met.

The Process

The design process begins with a consultation where you can describe your unique situation. At this time you can discuss with the designer your needs and expectations and the designer can talk to you about your best options and possibilities, which would give you the best results.

If you decide to move forward, the designer will continue to meet with you to explore your personal tastes and preferences while along each step of the way providing you with options in your budget. In this process you are in the drivers seat and the designer will guide the project with their expertise.

How much does it cost to hire a designer?

There are different ways to work with a designer; most commonly the cost of the designer is included in retail purchases made through the designer, which adds no additional cost to the client.

If you want to work on a project using only what you already own an hourly fee can be agreed upon depending on the scale of the project. In any case you and the designer will come to a clear understanding before beginning the project.

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